FiberMesh To Strands Update

it’s hard to keep up with pixologic 🙂

this is an update to integrate the new ability of ZBrush R3 to export the FiberMesh as Guide Curves.

read the original post here

there are three new features:

  • FiberCurve .obj import
  • convert FiberCurves to strands
  • and i added an option in the compounds that make them work together with Melena

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FiberMesh To Strands

FiberMesh To Strands allows you to convert your sculpted FiberMesh from Zbrush into a Strandsetup in Softimage.

here’s a little intro video:

read about an update here
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Krampus Bust

Old Man Clay Bust

The Guard

Man With Beard Bust

Man with Hat

Mr. Longhead

finished a ZBrush Workshop

I just finished a ZBrush Workshop on with the great teacher Michael Defeo. It was a really nice experience, and here’s what i’ve made of it.


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character created for a ZBrush Workshop on

Circes Bann (Circe’s Spell)

Some weeks ago this couple showed up in my studio, asking me to take a picture. Out of habit, and to stimulate conversation while i prepared the lighting, i asked what they were dressed up for so elegantly. They became rather silent, with a remote glance in their eyes and he mumbled something about Circe and i couldn’t get another word out of them.
I told them they could come to get the photograph the day after tomorrow, but they never showed up again.
I wonder what has happened to them …

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